Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Module 6: Blog 3

Reflect on the idea of what a technology-infused classroom looks like. How do you plan to have a technology-infused classroom?

A technology-infused classroom looks like a student-centered classroom.  The teacher is the facilitator of the classroom.  Classroom materials are all accessible through the usage of technology tools such as blogs, learning management systems, podcasts, and the Internet.  In a technology-infused classroom, students not only utilize technology tools as resources but also as platforms to create artifacts that represent their learning.  In a technology-fused classroom, their learning has a real world connection.  In a technology-infused classroom, the possibilities are endless.

I plan to have a technology-infused classroom by integrating more technology tools and changing the focus from teacher directed to student-centered learning in the classroom.  If the technology resources are available, the possibilities are endless.  Students will be able to access classroom materials through our classroom blog.  Students will interact and collaborate with classmates through a learning management system.  Differentiation will take place as students will learn and complete tasks at different rates.  Students will utilize a variety of technology tools to create artifacts of their learning.  Students will experience real word experiences through simulations and discovery learning.  Students will not only communicate with their peers through technology but also communicate with leaders and other significant figures in our world.  My technology-infused classroom will prepare students to compete globally through creation, collaboration, and innovation.

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